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Get to know us!

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Hi I'm Lautice! I'm the owner and lead artist of Art on the Geaux.

I started Art on the Geaux with a dream of being able to spread joy through my artwork and to add that extra sparkle to very event!


How did you get started face painting?

When people ask how I got started face painting, my answer is always "I come from a family of clowns!", which sounds pretty funny (lol), but is actually true! I began learning the art of event entertainment including face painting, balloon twisting, caricature drawing, and clowning at the age of 12 at the encouragement of my mom (Peanut) and nanny (Suzie Q), both accomplished artists in the field. I immediately fell in love with the excitement of events, the creativity, and most of all making people happy! I worked under both of their companies, LA Partyart as well as The Party Artist, and then ventured out on my own to create Art on the Geaux. 

Do you have any formal training?


Throughout middle and high school I was enrolled in Talented Art as well as Fine art courses and afterwards attended Southeastern Louisiana University for Art Education and Graphic Design. Over the years I have also attended numerous training courses and seminars to enhance my skills in face and body art. 


In my spare time I enjoy watching anime and cartoons, painting, cosplaying, playing with makeup, as well as listening to music and attending concerts. 

(The third photo is actually my first time being a clown at the age of 13!)

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